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Taxes 646511 640 article

Tax Tips Every Freelance Writer Should Follow – DebbieDeyWrites

Understanding the tax laws relating to business expenses can be a little intimidating, so here are a few tips I’ve assembled to help you determine what you may be able to claim.

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Supercharging Your Small Business – DebbieDeyWrites

When I first started my freelance writing business, I had a thousand questions and no real idea of where to start. I worried that I wasn't good enough or that I couldn't dedicate enough time to my craft.

My friends at Invoice2Go have prepared a useful infographic for budding entrepreneurs looking for advice on starting a business. The comments give great insight and inspiration for those beginners and experts alike. I've even added some advice of my own under the "Motivation" section.

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You’re Smarter Than You Think You Are – DebbieDeyWrites

Starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur can be a terrifying prospect. I started this journey five years ago, and although it's been a little scary at times, it's also been invigorating. If you have a dream of sharing your passion with others, then it's time to start now.

Here's my story. I hope it inspires some of you to take the leap and be the best you can be.

Organizeandprioritize article

5 Ways to Prove You’re an Office Superhero (When the Boss Is Out) — OfficeNinjas

This post details, in 5 easy steps, how admins can handle a crisis and prove they are promotable.

Birds nest 620x264 article

Empty Nester: The Silence is Deafening - Knot So Subtle

I’ve always prided myself on being prepared for being an empty nester, the day my daughter (and her boyfriend) found their own place and moved out. I secretly felt superior to those moms who cried every time they talked about their kid leaving home and going off to college. I almost yearned for the day when my husband and I had the house to ourselves.
What I didn’t count on was just how excruciatingly quiet the house would be – the silence is deafening.

Blogger 488978 640 article

Top 5 Reasons to Start A Business Blog – DebbieDeyWrites

You may not realize it, but if your business hasn’t started a blog or isn’t keeping an existing blog updated on a regular basis, you’re missing a critical component of your consumer marketing plan.

Donnie brasci 620x264 article

Best Friend Betrayal: My Blind Journey - Knot So Subtle

There was no doubt in my mind that we were destined to become best friends. Although I was 10 years older than Katie, our kids were only a year apart, and we had a lot of similar interests. She was an only child, with no real relationship with her mother, and I think I was a good role model. With most of my childhood friendships lost to the complexities of adulthood, I was more than ready to welcome someone new into my life. And so it began – my blind journey toward betrayal.

1zwc6m8 620x264 article

My Fractured Leg Taught Me to Stand on my Own Two Feet - Knot ...

They say that life can change in an instant, and at 37, I thought I already knew what that meant. I had been through a crap-load of life-changing events – love, loss, birth and death – so I was positive I was ready for anything. In the instant it took to slip on my office floor and feel the agonizing pain of a shattered leg, I realized that life’s lessons had just begun.

Il fullxfull.332397126 620x264 article

Love & Marriage: Forever is a Long Time - Knot So Subtle

It took a long time to find my voice in our marriage. While I’ve never been good at confrontation, if I would have been a little older and more experienced at life when I married, I may have been better equipped to face challenges head-on (instead of hiding from them.)

Underpinning   in law apartment article

Basement Underpinning: The Secret to Creating an In-Law Apartment

A good number of those seniors will be moving in with family members as they become less able to care for themselves. This can be a significant strain if living space is already limited in your home. If you’ve got a basement crawl space, or even better yet, an exposed basement wall, you’ve got the makings for a new in-law apartment.

Preventing mold article

How To Prevent Mold In Your Basement

While it’s obvious mold can be harmful for many people (and animals), it’s important not to panic if you find it in your basement or other rooms in your home. Mold is even found in dust, so it’s important to understand when to start worrying and what you can do to prevent it from growing.

Perfectly dry finished basement article

How to Create a Perfectly Dry Finished Basement - Royal Work

Today’s finished basements take innovation to a new level. These areas are seeing high-tech media rooms, state-of-the-art home offices, private bedroom suites with a fully appointed adjoining bathroom, or any other multi-purpose bonus rooms. Therefore, it’s vital that you prepare a plan for waterproofing the area well before you begin the renovation work.

Alarm clock article

5 Steps: Time-Management Tips for Night Owls

Like most “Night Owls,” I thought it was something I was doing wrong, and therefore, could change. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this “defect” in my sleep cycle is actually genetic!

Hip over 50 article

5 Easy Ways To Be Hip Over 50

As I look in the mirror, those eyes that look back at me are a little less bright, the lips a little less plump and the skin texture a little less firm. But, in all honesty, I don’t feel a whole lot older.

Crescent wrench article

Hand Me That Crescent Wrench

I’ve come to realize that construction, although still a male-dominated industry, is not unlike any other. If you want to fit in, and if you want to be part of the workforce that earns their living doing it, you have to learn the language.